I provide the opportunity for you to explore your life experiences and examine the relationship of those experiences to how you are living in the present and what you desire for the future. Being listened to closely by someone who can hear not only what you already know about yourself but also what you don't yet know can enable you to understand yourself better, with the goal of leading a richer, fuller, and more creative life.
Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
A warm and active therapist, I am clinically trained in both cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic psychotherapy modalities, and am thoughtful about tailoring my treatment approach to my clients' specific needs. I approach my work with clients collaboratively, through helping them articulate their thoughts and feelings in an environment of trust and safety. 
I challenge clients to think about their relationship and behavior patterns so that they can develop a clearer understanding of their present situation in the context of their life experiences. I assist them in the process of self-reflection, helping them to gain insight and think critically about themselves, as well as to make real and productive changes in their everyday lives.